Online Slots For Canadian Players

Gambling is not an exception either. There have been innovations in gambling technology in the previous years that people can now go to virtual casinos or online gambling houses to satisfy their hunger for spending their money on the card or another slot machines.

Like their name suggests, everything is done online and through the Internet.

Online Slots Machines, Anyone?

The slots machine is irrefutably the most famous form of casino game the world has come to know. Virtually anyone can play the game, as long as they have the cash and, of course, they are of legal age. There are no rules or tactics involved in playing slots.

It is a pretty straightforward game, with no time spent on pondering except to think if you should play more or cash out. There are no complexities to think about either.

All you have to do is pull the slots lever.

In conventional and earlier machines, the entire game is dependent on the pull of a lever or push of a button. The lever is the one that operates the reels which spin and then stop. As technology progressed, there have been innovations that resulted in the video-based games. This type of slot machine is more like a video game, and earlier models still sported a lever although in later versions these machines use buttons to initiate a game.

The introduction of the Internet into mainstream society has understandably led to the development into the third type of gambling: the online slot machine. These are machines that are played online rather than at casino houses. With the many advantages enjoyed by their users, online slots for real money are rapidly picking up in popularity the way its ancestor did when it was first introduced.

Advantages of Online Slots Machines

Online slots machines are advantageous to both the casino and the user. The advantages for the user would include the following:


That’s the number one advantage one can enjoy from playing a game of casino. There’s nothing more convenient than playing in one’s home. There are people that are uncomfortable with playing in casinos because of several reasons, and these people would certainly love the anonymity that casinos can bring.

100% Availability.

With top online casinos, there are always slots machines available. You don’t need to wait in line or wait for a game to be available in order to play. Since the site uses software to let their patrons play, there is no such thing as a queue of players. Whenever you want to play a game, you can play.


There may have been concerns in the earlier days of the Internet about transacting online, but technologies have improved to the extent that doing commerce online is very secure. Sites such as PayPal have made it possible to shop and use your credit card without revealing your credit card to the network. Some online casinos support PayPal as well.

Some online casinos support PayPal as well.

Playing in online casinos also secures your money in a sense. Gambling involves high stakes after all; it can be dangerous walking around after a night of playing with that much money on you. By playing online, however, you are eliminating that danger by just staying at your home.

As for the casinos, there are certain advantages for them as well. These would be the following:


Because the casino uses software and not hydraulic systems, the electronic games offer odds for both the user and the casino. There’s no risk of a big loss because computers and software programs are better at calculating and manipulating the outcome that it would be fairer for both user and the casino. This ups the thrill factor as well.

More Customers.

The use of a website and software increases the potential earnings for an online casino operator. This is because the machine can now accommodate a practically unlimited number of people who want to play. This means that more people will play and cash in their money for the chips used in the game, and that translates to more earnings for the casino.

Fewer Expenses for Maintenance.

In order to ensure that they will work properly, slot machines have to be continually maintained. Each machine requires a skilled worker to inspect and make repairs if any, and labor is costly these days. However, with the use of software, there will be less maintenance to worry about. If there is maintenance to be done on the website, it will be done by fewer people and accomplished in a shorter span of time.

How Online Slots Machines Work

The online slots algorithm is based that on its predecessors. Legacy hydraulic slot machines make use of reels that spin and then stop after its centrifugal force is used up and its revolutions per minute start decreasing. That’s as far as random goes with these machines. The rate of spinning is the same, but you cannot guess what number or what symbol hits this reel because of the different starting positions.

The slots make use of the same random generation, and this time using a program which is called a random number generator. This is how it works:

Each spot on a virtual reel is assigned by numbers.

It doesn’t matter what symbol is used on the reels, each spot it occupies is signified by a number at the database. For example, spot or field 123 in the database has a value of lemon. If 1-2-3 is generated by the RNG for reel number 1, then the picture of a lemon appears on the first reel when the spinning stops.

The same goes true for the other two or more reels of the slot machine.

All of this operation requires only one human intervention: that is to press the button. When the button is pressed, the RNG is automatically engaged and the numbers start coming in.