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Do you want to play online roulette in Canada for real money? You find a right place! Canada is magnificent country located in the North of America continent, that captivates visitors not only by the majestic beauty of landscapes and sights but also by gambling entertainment possibilities.

Progressive politicians made every almost every gambling possibility for Canadians accessible. The diversity of local clubs offers the highest number of games for online casino players.

Players can enjoy spending their long snowy evenings playing American and European roulette. While some people love visiting brick and mortar clubs and gaming houses, other Canuck players tend to make money in internet roulette in a pleasant atmosphere of home.

Nowadays, the possibilities for those who want play roulette online in Canada have no limits. The Web offers a variety of online gambling sites to join. Instead of using random number generator, you can play live dealer. Live dealer roulette is a type of online gaming, where you can watch real wheel spinning over a live video stream. You can be at two places with such type of game chance: sitting in your comfortable armchair at home while sharing the excitement of real gambling house.

Legal Side of Online Roulette Gambling in Canada

Canadian Legislation outlines the difference between gambling on the Internet and in provincial entertainment houses. The criminal code of Canada endowed provinces and territories with the right to license and operate local gaming clubs. But, no explicit references to online gaming, except for a fact that individuals are not permitted to organize and operate casino sites, is given in the legislation. The issue arises a question: how to play online roulette not violating the law?

Roulette online in Canada has a broad audience of players thanks to Kahnawake gaming commission. This establishment has issued licenses to hundreds of ltd gaming sites from 1999. No surprise, many gambling services base their platforms in Kahnawake and make entertainment accessible for users around the world.

Commission operates following principles of obligatory payouts, fair play, 18-years age limit and equality of every requirement operators have to meet to be licensed.

How to Start Playing Free Roulette Online

Every activity on the website starts with creating an account. You enter some of the personal data and make a deposit. Be careful, because every casino online has a distinctive method of depositing and withdrawing of payout. Remember to reach maximum wagering requirements to save your bankroll as it is.

Want to play in the park or on the beach? With mobile apps, this option is also possible for gamblers. Moreover, you can earn a bonus downloading ios or android version of the site.

Among traditional blackjack, baccarat casino games, you can try your skills at roulette match.

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Tips for Your Absolute Winning

The beginners will catch up with experienced players quickly because game rules are not difficult to comprehend. On the table, you can see betting grid and wheel. To bet you click on the grid.

The wheel consists of slots; the number of slots depends on the version roulette you’re playing – they can vary from 0-36. The colors of the slots are familiar to everyone – they are red and black. A tiny ball is what rules the play here. With every wheel spin, the ball begins its journey and comes to a stop at a certain number, which will be winning one.

Players are thrilled about foretelling, where the ball will land. Unfortunately, there is no secret that can help you get a fortune.

But, the odds of winning can be doubled if you use two types of different bets – outside and inside bets. What’s the main difference between them?

The grid is a place for your inside bets. The lasts can be of six types: straight up, street, trio, square, split or six line. Outsides bets have the same number of ways how they can be placed, but diverse variations. You can put your bet on 1-18 or 19-36 numbers, chose red or black, odd or even, columns or dozens of numbers.

Pick the best preferable for your way and hit the spin!

Roulette Variations

Accepted rules are easy to follow, but variations the game have some differences that are worth mentioning. We advise you to try every variant to decide on the most profitable way of hitting jackpot.


Mostly every version of the game took the name of the region it was invented in. The European game is considered the most played and there is a reason for such popularity – house edge that makes of 2.63%. The version features bets inside bets, as well as outside.

What is more special about the variation is the single zero and 37 numbers on the wheel.


The most romantic European country is also rich in gamblers, which launched own version of popular game. The same wheel with single zero has certain alterations, which were named “La Partage” and “En prison.” The “la partage” option features possibility for house edge to reach 1.32% in the process and bring great benefits to the winner. The second type offers betting options on the same wager and seems less profitable for French variation’s fans.


Originated in the US, American roulette also is frequently played on online casinos for Canadians. Extra zero added to the table caused slightly larger edge than in previous versions – 5.26%.


The variant of play has only 13 figures that justify its name. Mini roulette offers a high edge of 7.69%, which can vary depending on the operator.

Black List



  • Intentionally loose in play
  • Games are tight in real-money


  • Failure to pay
  • Bad customer service


  • Shoddy customer service
  • Failure to pay players

Develop Your Real Roulette Strategy

  • The play can seem a bit confusing at the beginning. If you are curious about becoming a proficient gambler, you can use one of the popular strategies below to understand the game better.
  • Martingale strategy. Well-known for everyone this strategy use double up system, which means doubling your bet whenever you lose. Such way of playing can cover you drops and bring more cash. This the most used strategy considered the most efficient one.
  • Labouchere strategy. Named after its inventor the strategy requires you to apply your mathematical mind. In a simple combination of figures, which represent your bet, take first and the last figure to bet. After your win, you just cancel those numbers.
  • D’Alembert strategy. The safest way of winning bankroll was invented by Jean Le Rond D’Alembert. It implies you make bets on one color or number and continue doing this if you are winning. Begin increasing bets if you lose and don’t worry: things will be balanced later.

There are also other ways and methods of betting. In the process of playing roulette online in Canada, you can develop your style of live online roulette gambling: you will become skillful enough to predict numbers and not repeat own mistakes. You can watch skilled players gambling and learn new tricks and secrets.

Practice makes everything better!