Find an Online Casino You’re Comfortable With

Select the casino software platform that you want to play on, has the games you want to play and are most comfortable with.

Selection Strategy #1:

While there are a hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos available to gamble at, there are only about 5 major platforms that they all run on. I did say major because there are several small software companies that have from one to a handful of casinos licensing their software, but we’ll look at those in a later edition. The 5 major software platforms running the majority of the major casinos online are:

1. Microgaming
2. Playtech
3. Wagerlogic
4. Boss Media
5. Realtime Gaming

Having played them all, my personal favorite is Microgaming but opinions vary… I would recommend downloading one of each platform and playing with a guest account to get a feel for what each platform has to offer. For a good list of the different casinos available for each of the software platforms, visit: Top Canada Casinos

Selection Strategy #2: Verify that the casino has the games you are interested in playing

Casino licensing fees vary based on the number of games you license and other factors. This simply means that just because a few of the Microgaming casinos you looked at had Keno, they won’t necessarily all have it. Some casinos may offer close to 60 games while others on the same platform may offer only 12.

Many casinos also offer both an online flash version of the software which requires no download as well as a full download version that you install on your pc. The flash versions, while quick and easy do not have a lot of the games available in the download versions so odds are you’re going to want to download the full version.

Selection Strategy #3:Leverage your Bankroll with Good Deposit Bonuses

Not all bonuses are creted equal…Almost all casinos, regardless of platform, offer some form of bonus for new depositors and many have great on-going monthly bonuses on top of that. The current trend is a matched deposit bonus up to a given amount. For example, many casinos offer a 100% match on every dollar you initially deposit up to $100.

That allows you to double your bankroll right off the bat. Make sure to always read the fine print though because there is a universal catch that varies in amount from casino to casino. In order to cash out, you will be required to gamble through the inital deposit + bonus so many times. The number of times varies.

I’ve seen them as low as 5 times and as high as 39 times.

Odds are that you’ll never make it to gambling through 39 times your deposit + bonus before you go bust, so try to keep that multiplier as low as possible.

Selection Strategy #4: Make sure the casino has an agreeable deposit method

Different casinos accept different forms of payment for your deposits to your casino account. Since many credit card companies no longer allow deposits to casinos, it’s easiest to select a good middleman like Neteller or one of the other major online banking institutions that allow deposits to casinos. Doing this also helps you keep the money you’ve spent and won in check without accidentally breaking the bank if you have a bad run.

Doing this also helps you keep the money you’ve spent and won in check without accidentally breaking the bank if you have a bad run.

In Summary

It’s going to take some time to become familiar with all of the different casinos and options available out there regardless of how much you read. My best advice is to start out by playing with guest accounts until you find a casino you’re comfortable with.

While you’re experimenting with the different platforms and casinos out there, set up a Neteller account so you’re ready to deposit when you find the perfect casino. Once your happ with your find, jump in with both feet and you’ll become an experienced online gambler in no time…