Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

Many players are intimidated by top online casinos, frequent concerns include the security of personal data, the fairness of online casinos and their legitimacy.

Security Issues:

Reputable casinos use tough encryption to prevent your data from being stolen as well as limiting their own employee’s access to players data, the data is kept for “eyes only”.

Your data is stored on servers that are behind firewalls and all the latest security software available (the casinos do not want to lose their valuable players.

Fairness at Online Casino:

Casinos are audited by large independent accounting firms or their results are verified by groups like O.P.A (Online players Association).  These results are usually made available to the public.  Large software vendors, like Microgaming, supply the software required to operate.

Large companies like Playtech and Microgaming will not sell their software to unscrupulous people, they have a reputation to uphold.  Another way to be sure about the fairness of Canadian online casinos is to sign up thru a review portal like us, we check out and only promote those that are reputable, both for your sake and ours, we get paid to advertise them and we sure don’t want to be ripped off.

A Legitimacy of an Online Casino

We can only say “Don’t Play at Unlicensed Casinos”, some countries require a fee for the Canadian gambling to be registered some just require the registration of the casino, “no registration no play”.

All the casinos we promote are licensed by a recognized government.

You decide to try a casino:

You have two options at this point.

You need to choose whether you would like to play at a flash or a download casino.

Flash casinos

Require you to create an account, once you have verified your email address, you can either play for fun or play for real cash.

For fun just requires you to type in your username (alias) and/or user account (usually sent to you in your confirmation email) but for cash you need to go to the cashier deposit cash via credit card or you deposit method of choice, remember you can claim any coupons at the cashier, simply type in the coupon code at the relevant section.

After depositing the cash you can go back to the “lobby” and select your game, once you have selected the game by clicking on the link it will be loaded into your browser, once fully loaded you can go ahead and play…simple huh!

Remember all this is done through an encrypted connection, your data is safe.

Download casinos

They are just as easy.
You click on the huge DOWNLOAD now banner and you get this small installer file, usually a 100kb big.  Launch the file (I have never found a virus from one I have downloaded directly from a site and I’ve downloaded hundreds).

The Installer file will download all the main components of the casinos, to get  started.  After the download is complete, from 5mb to 10mb, the program will ask to install, which is easy and quick.

Once installed you load the program register an account by supply the requested details, after you have submitted your data you will get an email to verify your account, the email contains your user account but not password.

You now load up the program either play for free or play for real money, you will be required to type in your user account (usually a string of numbers and letters) and your password you may also be required to type in your alias.

Playing for money requires you to fund your account, simply go to the cashier and select your deposit method and fund your account, don’t forget to claim any coupons if you want.

Now you can select the game you want to play, it may have completed it’s download by the time you have funded your account or you may have to wait a few moments for it to complete it’s download.  While you are busy playing the other games are slowly downloaded (as not to impede the performance of your game, you won’t even notice them being downloaded).

Security is tough as all transactions are done through an encrypted connection, this includes the game you are playing.

Well I hope this information has helped, feel free to contact me if you require any other information…it will only be my pleasure to try and help.

Good Luck Guys.